Press release

Fall Winter 2017-18

Fast. Glaring. Dazzling.
Glamour and bling, with the quintessential Pucci ease.

Solid hues that move and swing. Asymmetries and jersey.

Graphic cuts. Cut-outs. Cloth cut as little as possible and left glowing in its flowing glory. Caftans and capes.

Fringes that flutter, making hats, dresses and trousers dance.

Well-to-do, on the move. Sequins and a suitcase. A cape and a trolley. Paisley and a hatbox.

Psychedelic textures. Melting patterns on velvet. Shaggy furs. Teddybear. Chenille. Glazed chiffon.

A trail of paisley.

Decoding the Pucci codes of color. 526 Cioccolato, 254 Verde Mela, 326 Arancio, 399 Rosa Bon Bon, 179 Pervinca.

Dazzling. Glaring. Fast.
Glam, with a Pucci slam.